We started this business in Santa Monica, California for one reason... To Make Getting Healthy Easier and Delicious!!

We wanted to give anyone battling dessert cravings or just unhappy with the negative side effects of sugar, a way to live without sacrificing delicious, sweet flavors.!

- A morning with hot lemon water & a cap of apple cider vinegar!

- With an acai bowl, instead of adding honey. Same for unsweetened yogurt!

- Make green juice crave worthy, substitute peeled lemon instead of using apples, pears or pineapples !


1What are the nutritional facts for this berry?
2What are some fun things to try with the berry?
1. Lemons 2. Grapefruit 3. Black berries (or any other sour berry / fruit) 4. Unsweetened Cranberry Juice 5. Greek Yogurt (Unsweetened) 6. Goat Cheese 7. Apple Cider Vinegar 8. Vegetable Juice or Smoothies with no fruit 9. Pomegranates 10. Sweet and Sour Soup These are just a few recommendations, we encourage you to try as many fun ideas as possible with this powerfully helpful little berry!!!
3What does this Nature's Wild Berry do?
After chewing for 30 seconds, this berry changes your taste buds and makes ANYTHING sour, tart or acidic 400,000 times stronger than sugar!
4How long does the flavor changing effect last
If you have only one half of the berry, the effects last 10 - 20 minutes If you have only both halves of the berry, the effects last 20 - 40 minutes
5Are there any benefits besides flavor changing effect?
Yes! This berry is high in anti oxidants so on top of being a fun and helpful experience, this is also a very healthy berry!