Frequently Asked Questions


What are Miracle Berries and what do they taste like?

Miracle Berries, also known as Ledidi Berries, are the key to unlocking a world of sweetness. These delicious, red, sustainably-grown berries are non-GMO Project Verified, offering a taste experience like no other. The unique texture of fruit-infused popcorn blends with the sweetness of sweet-tarts, transitioning into the taste of fruit roll-ups. The initial burst of cranberry is followed by a delightful strawberry aftertaste.


It's my first time, what do I do?

First-timers always take two pieces at the same time. Chew them up together so the pulp can coat your tongue and move them all over your mouth. The key is being patient for the 30 seconds and not rush it! You're going to notice by 30 seconds, the pulp gets sweeter by the second... that's the berry working on itself!! Now for the next 30 minutes, you can enjoy sweetness from sour and tart foods and drinks!


What do you recommend to pair with Nature's Wild Berry?

We created a handy guide that was inspired by what Hank uses the berry for on a day to day basis. We're calling this the Hack Snack Book because It feels like cheat code for snacks. Grab your free download here: https://we.tl/t-xeesTRJV2b


Why choose Miracle Berries?

With just 30 seconds of chewing, the pulp of the berry coats your tongue, allowing you to experience the full potential of the berry's glycoprotein. This activates a hidden sweetness in anything tart, sour, fermented, or pickled, providing all the benefits of traditional sweeteners, without any unpleasant taste.


How are Miracle Berries prepared?

At the peak of their potency, Miracle Berries are carefully freeze-dried, preserving all the natural goodness, without any harsh chemicals. These long-lasting berries require only ambient temperature and have a shelf life of 900 days, ensuring freshness and quality with every order.


Who are Miracle Berries for?

Miracle Berries are the perfect snack for better-for-you eaters, sweet lovers, and anyone looking to cut back on sugar or traditional sweeteners. They are ideal for those following a ketogenic diet, living with diabetes, or seeking clean-label options. Picky eaters, plant-based foodies, and connoisseurs will also appreciate the unique taste and versatility of Miracle Berries, as will early adopters and influencers.


When can I get them and when do I pay?

Right here on our website to get them as early as the next business day with Buy with Prime. Seriously! Resellers, whether you're an influencer or have retail doors, order through nwb.faire.com and you’ll enjoy friendly net 60 terms, free shipping and a 50% discount on your first wholesale order, up to $300.


What is your return and exchange policy?

Get a full refund on any unopened order within 30 days of purchase. So simple! Over 30 days, we'll do store credit or gift card. All sales for opened products are considered final.

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What is your shipping policy?

Enjoy free domestic shipping on orders of $55 or bundle two or more items to qualify. Unless otherwise stated at the top of our website, shipments can have up to two days handling time but are generally shipped same day if placed before noon Pacific time. If a domestic tracking number shows no activity for two weeks, we will replace the item at no charge. Unless otherwise selected, we usually ship via USPS, Amazon logistics and UPS for domestic orders and Global Post or DHL Express for international orders.


Having a challenge getting the berries to work on your first try? We're here for you, just let us know and we'll help!